Homemade Curry Herring Salad and Danish Curry Herring Open Face Sandwich. Smørrebrød Karry Sild

Today’s blog is about both making the traditional Danish Curry Herring (Karry Sild) Salad and the Curry Herring Open Face Sandwich.  Depending how busy you are you can make everything the same day or over a 2 day period.  We have included our YouTube video of how we made the Curry Herring Salad and the Curry Herring Open Face Sandwich too.

First step is to make the homemade Curry Herring Salad

Curring Herring Salad is very easy to make.  While the combination of ingredients in this recipe may seem a bit odd, we assure you that the flavors are nice together!  

* 3 ounces of chopped pickled herring (Look for jarred fillet pieces of herring sold in the refrigerated section of the supermarket.)
* 1 small chopped white onion
* 1 chopped hard boiled egg
* 1/4 cup of chopped apple
* 1/4 cup of chopped celery
* 1/2 cup of mayonnaise
* 1/2 cup of sour cream
* 1 teaspoon of curry (if you like a stronger taste, you can add more curry)

Kitchen Tools:
*Meauring Cup
*Double Mezzaluna

Instructions to make the salad:
We usually can find the pickled herring in the refrigerated section of the supermarkets. Rinse, drain, and pat dry the herring. If need be, cut the herring into smaller pieces. Put the herring in a bowl.

Then, chop a small onion, celery and apple with a Double Mezzaluna and add into the bowl. The sweet crunch of the apple and smooth spice of the curry nicely supports the herring.

Scandinavian Today Cooking Tips: For quick chopping we use the Double Mezzaluna. It’s an old-fashioned favorite tool for onions, parsley etc.  

Add one chopped hard boiled egg and add into the bowl.  Then add the mayonnaise, sour cream and a teaspoon of curry.  If you like a stronger flavor or color for the herring salad mixture, you can add more to taste. Mix all of the ingredients in the bowl. 

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 Second step is to make the Open Face Curry Herring Sandwich

The Open Face Curry Herring Salad is very easy to make.  We either have open face sandwich either for lunch, diner or part of a larger smørrebrød.

* 2-3 slices of dark rye bread
* European style margarine or butter\
* Curry Herring Salad
* a couple slices of hard boiled egg
* snippings of parsley
* a couple of white onion rings
* tomato slices is optional

Spread on the bread with margarine or butter.  Add two to three tablespoons of the Curry Herring Salad on the bread.  Garnish with a slice of egg and a couple of pieces with of herring on top. Then add a couple of white onion rings and snippings of parsley.  The parsley gives the open face sandwich extra color. You can add tomato slices of taste and color too.

If you are having a formal Smorrebrod, we usually serve the open face sandwich on a Royal Copenhagen plate.  The sandwich has to be eaten with a knife and fork too.  We serve Snaps which really brings out the flavor of the herring, and should not be missed during a formal celebration.

Scandinavian Trivia: Did you know that the Indian spices have been part of Scandinavian cuisine for hundreds of years thanks to the region’s thriving shipping trade.

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