SMØRBRØD Two different types of Norwegian Smoked Salmon Open Sandwiches

An important Scandinavian contribution to modern international cuisine is the smoked salmon.  The Norwegian smoked salmon dishes developed into a variety of dishesTypically the smoked salmon is  served with scrambled eggs, dill, sandwiches or mustard sauce. A long tradition in Norway is the open-face sandwich with smoked salmon.

In this blog posting we are making two different types of Norwegian Smoked Salmon Open SandwichesOne of the main element of both open face sandwich is that the ingredients should be fresh.  Both are very easy and quick to make for either, lunch, dinner or a larger SMØRBRØ.  You can even cut the sandwiches into smaller appetizers.  The smoked salmon sandwiches are great to cut into small appetizers. These appetizers are great for entertaining and your guests will enjoy the tasty smoke salmon. We have included our YouTube video to see how both sandwich are made too.

First Open Face Sandwich is the Smoke Salmon & Egg Sandwich

The ingredients should complement one another with respect both to taste and appearance.
* 1 slice of Italian or French white bread
* European style butter
* 1 smoke salmon fillet
* slices of hard boiled egg
* sprinkle capers
* snippings of dill
* slices of tomato is optional


Spread the butter across either an Italian or French bread. The butter or spread helps keep the bread from drying out and absorbing liquids from toppings in addition to adding flavor.
Then add 1 smoke salmon fillet on top of the white bread. Add a couple of slices of hard boiled eggs on top. Garnish with a sprinkle of capers and snippings of dill. It is that easy!

Please note that because open face sandwiches are about appearances, it is important not to press the toppings onto each other. Just lay each item on top of each other.

 Scandinavian Triva: Below are the way Nordic ways to spell smoked salmon:  * Norwegian – røkt laks
* Danish – røget Laks
* Swedish – FÄRSKRÖKT
* Finnish-  LAXsavustettu lohi
* Icelandic – reyktur lax

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Second Open Face Sandwich is Smoke Salmon & Scrambled Egg Sandwich

* 1 slice of Italian or French bread
* European style butter
* 1 smoke salmon fillet
* scrambled eggs
* slices of tomato
* snippings of chives

Thinly spread with European style butter on a slice of freshly cut white bread (Italian or French).
This begins the basis for artfully arranged toppings and edible garnish. Then add 1 smoke salmon fillet on top of the white bread. Lay on top of the smoked salmon the scrambled eggs. Garnish with tomato and snippigs of dill. It is that easy!

Scandinavian Trivia: gravlax translates to buried salmon.  

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