Smørrebrød Danish Frikadeller. Quick & Easy Open Face Meatball Sandwich for Lunch & Dinners

In Danish homes if there are leftovers from the frikadeller dinner, all of the leftovers are used the next day for the Danish Smørrebrød. This is traditional Danish. Danes try not to waste food and fine opportunities to use everything for another meal.  With a frikadeller dinner the leftovers typically are of course the Danish meatballs (frikadeller)  Also the Danish red cabbage (rødkaal) and Danish cucumber salad (agurksalat) which both to be used as the sweet and sour pålæg (toppings) for the sandwiches.  These toppings compliments the savory frikadeller  

Left: frikadelle sandwich with cucumber salad Right:frikadelle sandwich with red cabbage and a pickle

First Open Face Sandwich is Frikadelle with Cucumber Salad on Top


  • 1 piece of rye bread 
  • European style butter 
  • 1 or 2 Danish meatballs (frikadeller
  • 1 or 2 tablespoons of Danish cucumber salad (agurksalat)

When you are ready to sit down to have smørrebrød, the first thing to do is butter a pice of dark Danish rye bread.  Then, place a couple of sliced meatballs. To garnish the frikadeller place on top crunchy cucumber salad (arguksalat). What tastes delicious with a frikadeller open face sandwich is a lager beer.

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Second Open Face Sandwich is Frikadelle with Red Cabbage and a Pickle on Top


  • 1 piece of rye bread
  • European style butter
  • 1 or 2 Danish meatballs (frikadeller)  
  • 1 or 2 tablespoons of the Danish red cabbage (rødkaal
  • 1 pickle

The second sandwich uses the remaining red cabbage from the previous evening dinner.  Believe me that this is another pretty filling sandwich to eat! 

Before adding a topping (pålæg) on the second open face sandwich, smear the dark rye bread with butter and place a couple of sliced Danish meatballs on it. Then, garnish on top of the frikadeller one or two heaping spoons of Danish red cabbage.  It’s that easy! This sandwich goes great with enjoy with lager beer too.  We usually set the table with a Royal Copenhagen plate, a fork, a knife and a glass for the beer.

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