Strawberry Ricotta Cheese Crispbread with Honey & Almonds – Knäckebröd

Did you know that knäckebröd was invented in Sweden around 500 AD? In the 1800’s, crispbread became common to serve in the Nordic households.  In the Nordic countries Crisp bread is known as

  • Danish: knækbrød
  • Norwegian: knekkebrød
  • Finnish: näkkileipä
  • Icelandic: hrökkbrauð
  • Faroese: knekkbreyð
  • Swedish: knäckebröd, spisbröd, hårdbröd

Traditionally, crispbread is made of wholemeal rye flour, salt and water. There are many other kinds of crispbread including with wheat flour, spices, seeds and grains.  As well there are different thicknesses and shapes of crispbreads.

With my Danish family, we always have crispbread (in Danish knækbrød) in a kitchen cabinet.. It make sense as the crispbread can stay fresh for a long time. Traditionally, we have crispbread with a slice of cheese or jam for breakfast, lunch or snack.

Here is a modern way of serving crispbread almost like a fruit pizza. Cool ricotta cheese spread over a simple crispbread with fresh sliced strawberries and drizzled honey! Delicious to eat on a warm day.

Strawberry Ricotta Cheese Crispbread with Honey & Almonds Recipe

  • crispbread
  • ricotta cheese
  • strawberries
  • honey
  • sliced almonds
  1. First wash and remove the stems fresh strawberries.  Slice the strawberries in a vertical cut so it is long slice.
  2. Arrange crispbread into a circle. If you have rectangle crispbread then arrange the crispbread in a large rectangle. I like to have the circles or bumps on the crispbread facing up when arranging it.

    arrange crispbread in circle
    Arrange the triangle pieces of crispbread into a circle like a pizza.
  3. Add a tablespoon of ricotta cheese on each crispbread.

    crispbread ricotta cheese
    Place a tablespoon of ricotta cheese onto the crispbread.
  4. Ricotta cheese is easy and smooth to spread across the crispbread. Keep adding more ricotta cheese until all the crispbreads are completely covered.

    Spread ricotta cheese on the crispbread.
    Spread ricotta cheese on the crispbread.
  5. Top the crispbread with sliced strawberries.  Arrange the sliced strawberries as a circular pattern over the ricotta cheese.

    Arrange strawberries on crispbread.
    Arrange sliced strawberries on crispbread.
  6. Drizzle honey over the sliced strawberries.

    drizzle honey
    Drizzle honey over the strawberries.
  7. Sprinkle with almonds.

    sprinkle almonds
    Sprinkle sliced almonds over the sliced strawberries.
  8. Add mint leaves in the center for garnish.

Fresh sliced strawberries over ricotta cheese on crispbread is so refreshing especially during the summer. Love this no-bake style fruit pizza. The honey and sliced almonds gives an extra layer of sweetness and crunchiness too.

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