Rye Bread Layer Cake Recipe

Rye Bread Layer Cake Recipe ♥ Rugbrødslagkage : An Easy How To With Video

Rye Bread Layer Cake is apparently an old-fashioned Danish or Nordic cake recipe.  I can see why because this recipe adds rye bread to the batter.  In the old days, people would not waste anything and mostly made things from scratch.  That was true when I was growing up in Denmark. It did not matter the economic class you belonged to in Denmark. We were all raised by the same principals. Nobody ever wasted food or ingredients.  It was the way of life, tradition and our culture.  I am sure many recipes were created and recreated by adding ingredients that initially was meant for another meal.

Today, we thought it would be fun to make a Rye Bread Layer Cake or in Danish Rugbrødslagkage. This Rye Bread Layer Cake recipe has delicious layers of whipped cream, cherry preserves, and nuts.  I actually never had a Rye Bread Layer Cake before. So, I was curious to see how it tasted and if the texture changed too. If you love rye bread as much as I do then you probably already have it in the kitchen.  Plus, recently I made Finnish rye cookies.  So I am kind of going on a rye recipe path.

Below is my version of a Rye Bread Layer Cake. It has delicious layers of whipped cream, cherry preserves, nuts, and chocolate sprinkles.  It is pretty easy to make! Here is our recent Youtube video that we did recently.  Take a look or following along while reading the written recipe below.


When you see my YouTube video and photos, you can see that the cake has several cake layers.  In between each layer homemade fresh whipped cream is spread across. As well tablespoons of cherry preserves.  I don’t always have cherry preserves in the kitchen cabinets or refrigerator.  So I am sure thinking if you like strawberry or raspberry preserves it would taste good as well. Then there are chopped nuts sprinkled across the final layer.

If you love Rye bread as much as we do then you will want to try to make this delicious Rye Bread Layer Cake Recipe. It is to make this recipe easy especially if you have leftover rye bread in the kitchen.  I am sure you will enjoy it. If you want to try some of our other rye recipes try out our rye bread recipes and even our most recent rye cookies.


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